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And once again Bhardwaj had spelt magic.

As the name has it, the story revolved around a blue-coloured umbrella. An eleven-year-old Biniya, who lives in a small village tucked away in the mountains, doesn't have too many things to delight her self. And one fine day when she discovers the blue umbrella, she is completely zapped. She had never before seen something so vibrant and beautiful.

It becomes a priceless possession. Something she would not let her eyes off.

But what Biniya doesn't know is that even Nandkishor is smitten by its beauty and can do anything to lay his hands on it.

Nandkishor or Nandu is the proud-owner of a tea-stall. Lazy and easy-going, he keeps lying on his charpoy and dreams of making it big one day.

But Nandu is not the only one to covet the umbrella. Its presence disturbs the harmony of the entire village.

And as destiny would have it, the prized-possession goes missing.

But Biniya is determined to get it back and thus begins the journey. She sets up her own investigation team and what unfurls is all too surprising.The film is narrated in a very interesting style and the story spills out gradually. The slow pace highlights human emotions, thus displaying his excellent craftsmanship yet again.Yes, it is an adaptation of Ruskin Bond's short story but remember, it is no joke to bring to life these characters.
Bhardwaj not just manages it superbly but uses the metaphorical tale to question man's pursuit for power and dominance and raises questions about materialistic pleasure and its futility.

All this may sound a bit philosophical and heavily-loaded and seem out of place for a children's film, but when the scenes unfold and story moves ahead, these unsaid thoughts open in the most innocent and unadulterated manner.

Afterall Bharadwaj has a knack for making children's films.To enhance the director's effort, cinematographer Sachin K Krishn plays a very important role. The beauty with which he captures the moments gives out a gripping fragrance.Pankaj Kapur's performance is, as usual, wonderful. The actor has once again proven that he can portray any character with an equal amount of zeal and precision. His slapdash look and enjoyable accent adds a boost to the film.
After Shweta Prasad, Shreya Sharma is yet another remarkable discovery of Bhardwaj. The incorruptibility of Biniya is depicted so convincingly by Shreya, that not even once do you feel she's just a beginner.

Blue Umbrella may be a children's film but has lots of lessons for everyone.
It may not cater to the audiences from every school of thought and may not have a raging effect at the box-office, but it's indeed a venture which can be cherished.

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